Corporate Treasurers:

On Cash Management and Account Payables:

  • Learn how to streamline cash and payment structures across subsidiaries and benchmark cash repatriation strategies, cash pooling and forecasting and bespoke treasury management systems implementation designed to improve cash visibility and control, unlock ‘trapped cash’ and minimize FX risk
  • Form long-lasting relationships with your treasury peers during the payment problem-solving roundtable discussions dedicated to tackling implementation challenges associated with supply-chain finance, payment factories, commercial cards and digital travel and expense spend tools in the streamlining of payment processes
  • Use the Cash and Liquidity Optimisation Exhibition to compare cash and payment offerings and select or catch-up with your global banking, payment network and treasury technology provider.

On Liquidity Optimization and Investments:

  • Strengthen and align your vision for surplus cash with timely yields whilst hedging investment risk through the management of diversified asset-classes
  • Meet with leading investment officers and fund managers who can help you to both widen and refine your investment strategy
  • Receive an update on the impact of SEC money market reform and Basel III on the corporate investment sphere
  • Calculate the long-term ROI from electronic trading platforms


Cash Management Solution Providers and Banks:

  • Position your financial institution as the leader in cash management solutions for North American-based treasurers and display your expertise during a series of keynote presentations, panel opportunities and roundtable discussions
  • Hear how corporate treasurers are getting to grips with solving contemporary cash management challenges and produce product updates in alignment with their most pressing needs and requirements
  • Meet corporate treasurers, finance directors and controllers and position your offering as an integral part of their global or regional cash management strategy


Payment Networks and Business Spend Management Platforms:

  • Gain a holistic perspective of pivotal working capital pressures and payment inefficiencies from treasurers belonging to leading North American corporations
  • Learn from successful commercial card deployments, benchmark uptake against issuing peers and understand how to align your product with non-bank treasury technology to create an integrated solution
  • Measure interest in spend management technologies, supply-chain finance, in-house banks and the desire for corporate treasurers to source non-bank treasury solutions


Asset Managers:

  • Meet senior treasurers and surplus investment decision-makers and position your asset management products and strategies as an integral part of their long-term security and yield aims
  • Learn how to stand out in a competitive marketplace for corporate investment and understand the appetite for diversified conventional and sharia-compliant portfolios
  • Gain a holistic view on the inner-workings of short and long-term corporate investment strategies and identify how to tailor your offerings to suit the realistic prospects of timely yields to meet working capital demands